Who is Blocking the Amendments on Homeless Issues?

The head of the ‘Union of Unemployed for Employment’, Tamar Iovashvili stated that recently number of homeless people is increasing unfortunately and a new law needs to be adopted immediately, which will solve their problems.

“Now I was contacted from Kutaisi. These people have all kinds of documents, which they can submit to reinforce their own statements. The public knows that we are fighting for the adoption of the draft law on homeless issues. Our organization’s goal is this law to be initiated in the Parliament. It is another matter if this law will or will not be adopted in the current parliament, but at least it should be submitted. The promise was made to us since November; meetings with politicians were planned, Gia Zhorzholiani promised he’d pay attention, but so far no progress has been made and it is clear for everyone that this bill is being blocked.

This was the topic about which I was contacted from Kutaisi and I was given quite a significant information. We think that everything is led by the Chairmen of the Parliament, Davit Usufashvili. He blocks all the parliamentary amendments regarding homeless people. We know that Mr. Usupashvili lobbies lenders, hence such a bill is not in his interests.

Before this business was lobbied by Akaki Bobokhidze, thanks to whom, many families in Kutaisi and Tskaltubo have been devastated. It seems that the process of cohabitation Bobokhidze activity Speaker took over. It seems that Bobokhidze’s activities in the cohabitation process was taken over by Usupashvili.

On June 2nd, we will have a rally at the back entrance of the Pariament and this organization will join us from Kutaisi. There are documents that exist and I don’t say anything without proof!” said Iovashvili.