Our Theses – Whoever Shares These Positions, Join Us!

“I will try to formulate the main theses of our action program and visions. We believe that it is impossible, and it would be wrong to speak about freedom, democracy and national self-determination as long as part of our citizens depend on the social circumstances, as long as unemployment is high, the number of homeless people is also very high and the percentage of people who appeal social services for help is extremely high. We believe that the well-being of citizens should become the main and the number one task for the government, which should be achieved by reforms on the legislative level and radical changes in the current situation. We also believe that social rights and protecting them is the only function of the government in the next 4 years. The redistribution of the state budget will give the government an opportunity to meet people’s needs and eliminate problems such as hunger, cold, a lack of housing and later be engaged with the problem of unemployment. We clearly see that a liberal approach to the economy has not worked and there is a need to introduce social, the public approaches.

We believe that it would be more justified that the funds for self-defense, as well as the parliament and the government to be redirected to the needs of social services. It would not be superfluous if the expenditures for the presidential palace, the Peace Bridge and other facilities are canceled or even significantly reduced. We are convinced that the path to NATO is the path to war for our country. The path to war will never bring welfare to Georgian population. Georgian soldiers should not die for enforcing the imperial intentions of either parties. We believe that the development of the education system is the only right way at this stage for Georgia. We will declare about the creation of the left-wing, People’s Movement, which will fight for the establishment of social justice and we will ask everyone who share our position to join us!” – stated Tamar Iovashvili, the head of the non-governmental organization “Union of Unemployed for Employment”.