Protest,February 10th

Nongovernmental organization the Union of Unemployed for Employment held another rally at Tbilisi City Council building. The main request was for City Council to force City Hall to implement homeless registration in order to give them housing throughout the capital according to 2015 resolution N7/56204.

Homeless people were registered last year. Municipal Social Service, headed by G. Chiviashvili, has made a commitment to set up a commission to examine the applications for 3 months and to make a decision. However, City hall still hasn’t gave answers regarding the applications of thousands of homeless citizens.

The participants of the rally filed an application to the City Council Chairman G. Alibegashvili demanding: City Council to find out why the City Hall is inactive regarding this issue and force Municipal Social Service to accelerate the implementation of the decision on the registration of homeless citizens and providing them with housing.

As announced at the rally, the next rally will be held on February 20th. The procession called Dignity March will be held from Rustaveli monument to the Parliament building.